We are pleased to welcome Michelle Murphy as a keynote for our 2016 conference. Michelle Murphy is a Professor in the History Department and in the Women and Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto. She is also the director of the Technoscience Research Unit, and co-organizer, with Natasha Myers, of the Toronto Technoscience Salon. 

Bucket samplers, office cubicles, errant molecules, manual suction abortion kits, protocols, pap smears, drosophila in bottles, vibrio cholerae, GDP, girls as human capital, queer fish, PCBs, sick buildings, anticipation, atmospheric pollution, motivation surveys, chemical infrastructures...

These are some of the technologies and phenomena I grapple with as a historian of the recent past and technoscience studies scholar.  My work focuses on environmental politics, biopolitics, sexed and raced life, capitalism, infrastructures,  reproduction, and temporalities from the 20th century to the contemporary through feminist, anti-racist, decolonial, postcolonial, political economic, and queer approaches.*



We are pleased to welcome the Crunk Feminist Collective (CFC) as a keynote for our 2016 conference. 

The CFC strives to effect interdisciplinary and intersectional change and, in their words:  

The CFC aims to articulate a crunk feminist consciousness for women and men of color, who came of age in the Hip Hop Generation, by creating a community of scholars-activists from varied professions, who share our intellectual work in online blog communities, at conferences, through activist organizations, and in print publications and who share our commitment to nurturing and sustaining one another through progressive feminist visions. This collective is a forum where we seek to speak our own truths, and to both magnify and encourage the feminist credos that shape and inform our lives and that we use to engage and transform our world. Crunk Feminism is the animating principle of our collective work together and derives from our commitment to feminist principles and politics, and also from our unapologetic embrace of those new cultural resources, which provide or offer the potential for resistance. Crunk(ness) is our mode of resistance that finds its particular expression in the rhetorical, cultural, and intellectual practices of a contemporary generation. *



Gender, Bodies &Technology: (In)Visible Futures Schedule

(download pdf version here)

Thursday April 21, 2016

7:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.                                                                        Opening Reception with DJ Ali Colleen Neff

  • AKA Bar, Hotel Roanoke

  • Cash Bar, Light Snacks Provided

Friday April 22, 2016

7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.                                                                          Registration

8:00 a.m.                                                                                               Continental Breakfast

8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.                                                                        Concurrent Sessions                          

  • Reproducing Bodies in Circuits of Power and Exchange (Buck Mountain)

    1. “Virtual and Reproductive Technologies: Making Egg Donation Visible,” Amy Speier (speieramy@gmail.com)

    2. “Ukrainian Egg Donors in the Context of Transnational Reproductive Travel and Labor,” Polina Vlasenko (pvlasenk@indiana.edu)

    3. “’Reproductive Tourism’ from Turkish Egg Donors’ Perspectives,” Burcu Mutlu (bmutlu@mit.edu)

    4. “Precarious Time and Anticipatory Eggs: The ‘False Hope’ of Egg Banking Technology,” Rajani Bhatia (rbhatia2@albany.edu)

Moderator: Jennifer Turner (jennlt8@vt.edu)

  • Gendered Technologies of the Self: Making the Therapeutic Visible (Wilson)

    1. “Trauma Exposed: Figuring Masculinity in New Therapies for PTSD,” Marisa Brandt (brandtm7@msu.edu) 

    2. “Affecting Chemicals: Reflecting on the Body in Psychedelic Therapy,” Katherine Hendy (katie.hendy@gmail.com)

    3.  “Arbitrary Affects: Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Care Work,” Jeffrey Mathias (predictingtherain@gmail.com)

Moderator: Katrina Powell (kmpowell@vt.edu)

  • Interpreting Gendered Digitality through an Embodied Lens (Monroe)

    1. “Digital Spaces Black Women Gazes: Exhibiting Agency Via Engagement, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship,” Jameta Barlow (jbarlow@towson.edu)

    2. “Pink Pills, Coercive Rhetorics, and Corporate Sponsored Feminism,” Abigail Morris (morrisa13@students.ecu.edu)

    3. “New Technology, Old Ideologies: Anti-Feminist Rhetoric in Online Spaces,” Gina Kruschek (kruschekg14@students.ecu.edu)

    4. “Hacking the Hacktivist: An Examination of Gendered Social Activism in Digital Spaces,” Carleigh DeAngelis (deangelisca14@students.ecu.edu)

Moderator: Donna Riley (dmriley@vt.edu)

  • Workshop (Madison)

    1. “Altered Barbies,” Martha McCaughey (mccaugheym@appstate.edu)

Moderator: Katrina Powell (kmpowell@vt.edu)

  • Rendering Gender: Flesh, Ethnicity and the Virtual  (Harrison/Tyler)

    1. “On Flesh, Agency and Resistance,” Srikanth Mallavarapu 

    2. “Facial Trans-Formations: Sexualizing Ethnic Features in the Practice of Facial Feminization Surgery,” Eric Plemons (eplemons@email.arizona.edu)

    3. “Discourses of Trans* Bodies Online: Explorations of Replication, Reification, and Resistance,” Toni Roberts (troberts@mta.ca) 

    4. “Simulated Affect?: Visible and Invisible Renderings of the ‘Third World Woman’ within Empathetic Video Games,” Erika M. Behrmann (erikamb@bgsu.edu)

Moderator: Sharon Johnson (spjohnson@vt.edu)


10:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.                        Concurrent Sessions

  • Workshop (Madison)

    1. “ePortfolio Presentations and Digital Performances: Linking How We Identify Offline to Who We Are Online,” Martina Svyantek (svyantek@vt.edu)

Moderator: Martina Svyantek (svyantek@vt.edu)

  • Sound, Sense, and Affect (Wilson)

    1. “Bodies in the Cloud: On the Interactive Nodes of Existence of Holographic Entities,” Kathy Nguyen

    2. “Auroratone: Rehabilitation through Synesthesia,” Alexandra Fine (akfine@ucdavis.edu)

    3. “Auditing Visibility, Visualizing the Audible: Women, Media and Presence in Dakar, Senegal,” Ali Neff (mail@alicolleenneff.com)

    4. “Re-membering Voices and Making Manifest Melville’s Others: A Performative Reading with Digital Accompaniment,” Lissa Holloway- Attaway (lissa.hollowayattaway@his.se)

Moderator: Ali Colleen Neff (alineff@vt.edu)

  • Precarious Reproductive Futures: Vulnerable Bodies and Unruly Desires in Contemporary Discourse (Monroe)

    1. “Precarious Bodies, Vulnerable Subjects, and the Violence of Surrogacy in Michael Robotham’s The Last Ferry,” Modhumita Roy (modhumita.roy@tufts.edu)

    2. “Confessions: Genetic Abortion in Mommy-Memoirs by Waldman and Beck,” Mary Thompson (thompsmx@jmu.edu)

    3. “Invisible Power, Beyond Choice: Do-it-yourself Abortion in the Fictions of Castillo, Kincaid, and Kelly,” Jeannie Ludlow (jeannieludlow@gmail.com)

Moderator: Saul Halfon (shalfon@vt.edu

  • Invisibility, Ignorance, and Epistemology (Buck Mountain)

  1. “Rhetorical Purification: Eugenics, Transhumanism, and the Disappearance of the Marginalized,” Joshua Earle (jearle@vt.edu)

  2. “Why Deny? The Willful Ignorance of Gender-Based Violence in STEM,” Donna Riley (dmriley@vt.edu)

  3. “Epistemological Pluralism in Computer Education: Disrupting Gendered Ways of Teaching and Assessing Knowledge,” Darren Maczka (dmaczka@vt.edu)


Moderator: Laura Gillman (lgillman@vt.edu)

  • Clones in Orphan Black: Bodies as Queer, Reproductive, and Property (Harrison/Tyler)

    1. “Kinship as Technology in the World of Orphan Black,” Jessica Herling (jherling@vt.edu)

    2. “Queering the Clones of Orphan Black: Reproduction, Eugenics, and Queer Kinship,” Talitha Rose (tkrose@vt.edu)

    3. “‘I’m Not Your Property’: Issues of Body Autonomy and Ownership in Orphan Black,” Rayanne Streeter (streetrc@vt.edu)

Moderator: Talitha Rose (tkrose@vt.edu)

12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.                                       Lunch

Crystal Ballroom

1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.                         Keynote Performance

“Salt Marsh Suite”

Directors/choreographers: Carol-Burch Brown (cbb@vt.edu); Ann Kilkelly (akilkell@vt.edu)  

Assistant director: Kristin Kelly

Dancers: Olivia Bowers, Claire Constantikes, Naphtali Fields, Cambria McMillan-Zapf, Saadia Rais, Rachel Rugh, Julia Russo

(Washington Lecture Hall)

2:45 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.                                Concurrent Sessions

  • Biopolitical Dis/Investments (Buck Mountain)

    1. “Under the Gaze Again: Governing Pregnant Bodies in the Age of Epigenetics and Human Microbiome,” Chikako Takeshita (chikako.takeshita@ucr.edu)

    2. “Re-Visioning the Disposable Body: Deinstitutionalization and Corporeal Power,” Amy Sorensen (acressell@radford.edu)

    3. “Toxic Life, Slow Death: Black Geographies and Industrial Toxicity,” Pavithra Vasudevan (pavithra@email.unc.edu)

    4. “Toxicity and Technologies of Bodies on the Line: Performing the Politics of Health Justice Activism,” Marie Garlock (writetomarie@gmail.com)

Moderator: Jennifer Turner (jennlt8@vt.edu)

  • Virtual Gatekeeping (Wilson)

    1. “Representation of Queer Bodies in Online Comics: Queer Comics and Their Creators,” Sebastian Rock (rock237574@avila.edu)

    2. “Who’s Allowed to Be Here? Analyses of Black Feminist Twitter,” Maryann Kozlowski (kozlowski.maryann@gmail.com)

    3. ”Fat Vegan Politics: The Invisibility and Hypervisibility of People of Size in the Digital Vegan Community,” Corey Wrenn (cwrenn@monmouth.edu)

    4. “Watch Me Disappear: Pro-Anorexia, Self-Injury, and Gendered Bodies in Virtual Communities,” Leandra Preston-Sidler (Leandra.Preston-Sidler@ucf.edu)

Moderator: Rayanne Streeter (streetrc@vt.edu)

  • Genital Assemblages (Monroe)

    1. “Hardware Restoration: Reactions to Reconstruction after Male Circumcision and Female Genital Cutting,” Laura M. Carpenter (l.carpenter@vanderbilt.edu)

    2. “Vaginal Speculation: Reading Across an Archive of Gendered Microbiota Futures,” Rebecca Howes-Mischel (howesmre@jmu.edu)

    3. “Unsexing and Hetero-/Cis-normativity: The Paradox of Museum Taxidermy,” Jonathan Grunert (jgrun1@vt.edu)

    4. “McGender: How Medical Technology Creates the Illusion of Choice for Transgender and ‘DSD’ (Intersex) Individuals,” Olivia Thompson (odthompson@radford.edu)

Moderator: Krystin Krist (kkrist@methodist.edu)

  • Workshop (Madison)

    1. “From Idea to Launch: How to Start a Revolution through Podcasting,” Dawn Serra (talktome@dawnserra.com)

Moderator: Katrina Powell (kmpowell@vt.edu)

  • ‘What are You Looking At?’: Online Surveillance and Nondominant Bodies (Harrison/Tyler)

    1. “Surveilling Strangers: Discipline, Networks, and People of Walmart,” Lauren Cagle (cagle@mail.usf)

    2. “Watch your Weight!: Ideologies of Infodemiology,” Diane Price-Herndl (priceherndl@usf.edu)

    3. “A Beloved Community of Cyborgs: Towards an Understanding of Afro-Transhumanism,” Julian M. Galette (Julian.m.galette@vanderbilt.edu)

Moderator: Ariel Ludwig (arludwig@vt.edu)


4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.                                Keynote Speaker

“The Girl Effect: Transnational Paradoxes and Paradigms of Sex-selective Abortion”

Eesha Pandit of the Crunk Feminist Collective

(Washington Lecture Hall)


Saturday April 23, 2016

7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.                                                                          Registration

8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.                                                                        Concurrent Sessions

  • Gendering Data: Analysis and Production (Buck Mountain)

    1. “Feminism Reads Big Data: From Selfie Research to Community Informed Consent,” Elizabeth Losh (lizlosh@wm.edu)

    2. “Gender as Data:  The Computational Future of the Gender Question,” Laura Norén (laura.noren@nyu.edu)

    3. “Pixelation Situation: Shedding Light on the Situatedness of Researchers, their Satellites, and their Data Analyses in Remote Sensing,” Samantha Jo Fried (sjfried@vt.edu)

    4. “Desire by Design,” Patrick Keilty (p.keilty@utoronto.ca)

Moderator: Rebecca Hester (rjhester@vt.edu)

  • Workshop (Wilson)

    1. “ Critical Workshopping, Sound, and the Practice of Soldering,” Ellen Foster (el.fostek@gmail.com)

Moderator: Katrina Powell (kmpowell@vt.edu)

  • Revealing the Body in Pieces (Monroe)

    1. “’Perfect Humans’: Genome Mapping, Race, and Sexuality,” Jennifer A. Hamilton (jhamilton@hampshire.edu)

    2. “Mutation in My Code: Genetic Testing, BRCA Data and the Brave New Affective Politics of Genomic Identity,” Kim Surkan (ksurkan@mit.edu)

    3. “Variants of Significance? Constructions and Understandings of Cancer Genetic Risk,” Ronna Popkin (rp2471@columbia.edu)

    4. “Dissecting the Human/Posthuman Technological Configuration: Public Perceptions of the Body, Gender, Health, and Clinical Practices,” Alana Baker (bakeral13@students.ecu.edu)

Moderator: Jonathan Banda (jpbanda@vt.edu)

  • Bodies and Space (Madison)

    1. “Gendering Mopeds and Gendering Users in Taiwan,” Kuan-Hung Lo (khlo@vt.edu)

    2. “Women and Maker Spaces,” Heather Greenhalgh-Spencer (Heather.greenhalgh-spencer@ttu.edu)

    3. “Ensembles of Dignity:  Anxieties in the Public Toilet,” Carmen Christopher (christoc@meredith.ed)

    4. “Affective Localities of Violence: Technology and Presentation of Queer Self,” Helis Sikk (hsikk@email.wm.edu)

Moderator: Kuan-Hung Lo (khlo@vt.edu)

  • Workshop (Harrison/Tyler)

    1. “The Gaze at the Gynoid, Robotic Women in Western Science Fiction Film,” Artemis Linhart (artemis.linhart@gmail.com)

Moderator: Joshua Earle (jearle@vt.edu)


10:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.                        Concurrent Sessions

  • Critical Science Literacy: Feminist, Queer, Trans* and Intersex Interventions (Buck Mountain)

    1. “Rethinking ‘Disorders of Sex Development’ : Intersex, Biomedicine, and Social Justice,” David Rubin (davidarubin@usf.edu)

    2. “Dreams of a Dyke Science,” Angela Willey (awilley@wost.umass.edu)

    3. “Precarity, Evidence, and the Demand for Protection,” Cyd Cipolla (cyd.cipolla@nyu.edu)

    4. “Neuroimaging Trans*: A Call for a Trans* Critical Science Studies,” Kristina Gupta (guptaka@wfu.edu)

Moderator: Jessica Herling (jherling@vt.edu)

  • Expecting Embodied Danger: Anticipatory Technologies of Surveillance (Wilson)

    1. “Building Resilient Bodies: Pre-exposure Prophylaxis for HIV and the Neoliberal Subject,” Jonathan Banda (jpbanda@vt.edu)

    2. “Policing in the Age of Big Data: Predictive Technologies and the Making of Criminal Bodies,” Ariel Ludwig (arludwig@vt.edu)

    3. “Bioveillance and Biological Danger: Pre-empting Circulation through Techno-Scientific Immunity,” Rebecca Hester (rjhester@vt.edu)

Moderator: Rebecca Hester (rjhester@vt.edu)

  • Tracking and Regulating (Female) Bodies (Monroe)

    1. “Fit to Mother: Risk and Self-Care in the Pregnant Athlete,” Lorin Shellenberger

    2. “Cyborg Neoliberalism: Practicing Neoliberal Subjectivity through the Fitness Tracker,” Caroline Alphin (calphin1@vt.ed)

    3. “Suppressing the Modern Period: Biomedicalization and Intimate Norms of Menstruation,” Katie Ann Hasson (khasson@usc.edu)

    4. “The Infertile Female Body: Embodiment, Visualization, and Discipline through Transvaginal Ultrasound Technology,” Heather Deering (hldeerin@mtu.edu)

Moderator: Krystin Krist (kkrist@methodist. edu)

  • Performance (Madison)

    1. “Invisible Death: Cooking with Pests,” Lindsay Garcia (ldgarcia@email.wm.edu)

Moderator: Amy Splitt (amys@vt.edu)

  • Mediating Symbolic Bodies (Harrison/Tyler)

  1. “Electric Girls and Spirit Telegraphs: Feminine Bodies and Mediumship as Communication Technology,” Melissa Adams (mbadams4@ncsu.edu)

  2. “Books, Patriarchal Agency, and the (In)visible Body of the Princess: Future Uses and Medieval Context for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty,” Carlee A. Bradbury (cabradbur@radford.edu)

  3. “Trans‐cendence and Trans‐gression in Deepa Mehta’s Elements Trilogy,” Rose Hartfield Wilson (rosehwilson@gmail.com)

  4. “Claiming Queers Now and Then: Past, Politics, and Pop Culture”, Loran Renee Marsan (marsan@ohio.edu)

Moderator: Sharon Johnson (spjohnson@vt.edu)

12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.                                       Lunch

Crystal Ballroom

1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.                             Keynote Speaker

"Chemical Exposure and Decolonial Potential"

Michelle Murphy, University of Toronto

(Washington Lecture Hall)

2:45 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.                              Concurrent Sessions

  • Performance (Washington Lecture Hall)

“There is Pleasure in the Pathless Woods”

Choreographer: Claire Constantikes (constantikes@yahoo.com)

Dancers: Claire Constantikes, Fiona Harris, Cambria McMillan-Zapf, Scott Wagner, Kevin Wood

Musician:  George Tatum

Technical Director:  Shawn VanSchuyver, Scott Wagner

Moderator: Ann Kilkelly (akilkell@vt.edu)

  • Illegible Labor: On Visibility, Reproduction, and the Work of Women’s Bodies in Medicine (Wilson)

    1. “’#ThankYouHenrietta’: Reflections on Science, Justice, and the Politics of Refusal,” Sandra Harvey (sharvey1@ucsc.edu)

    2. “(Im)Possible (In)Visibilities: Exploring Differential Labor in the Production of ‘Defective’ Female Genitalia in the FGCS Industry,” Jessica Neasbitt (jneasbit@ucsc.edu)

    3. “’Not Quite Normal’: Buck v. Bell and the Establishment of Eugenic Visibilities in the United States,” Amanda Reyes (amrreyes@ucsc.edu)

Moderator: Jonathan Banda (jpbanda@vt.edu)

  • Monstrous Reproduction (Monroe)

    1. “‘That Child is Possessed’: Monstrous Birth and Dissociative Motherhood in Civil War Literature,” Verdie Culbreath (vmc47@cornell.edu)

    2. “Pregnant Butch? : Portraying the Masculine Pregnant Body,” Laura Hartmann-Villalta

    3. “Fetal Imposition: Scientism and Sexism in Damien Hirst’s The Miraculous Journey,” Beck Wise (beck.wise@utexas.edu)

Moderator: Christine Labuski (chrislab@vt.edu)

  • Workshop and Performance (Madison)

    1. Workshop: “Pseudonymity in Location-based Social Discovery Apps and the Visibility of Gender and Sexual Identity,” Dana Riger (driger@vt.edu)

    2. Performance: “Distance Methods of Movement Collaboration: Solo/Solo and Processes of Remote Dance Making,” Mountain Empire Performance Collective (Rachel Rugh and Katie Sopoci Drake) (rachel.g.rugh@gmail.com,  mountainempiredance@gmail.com)

Moderator: Dana Riger (driger@vt.edu)

  • Sex and the Song: The Virtual-Material in Musical Production  (Harrison/Tyler)

  1. “Masculinity, Music & Muscle: The ‘Missing Males’ in Adolescent Singing,” Patrick Freer (pfreer@gsu.edu)

  2. “(In)audible Futures: Predictive Analytics in Personal Genomics and Music Streaming,” Amanda Modell (amodell@ucdavis.edu)

  3. “Femmeshedding: How Female Musicians Access a Uniquely Gendered Perspective from Recording in Private,” Malavika Sahai (msahai@vt.edu)

Moderator: Samantha Jo Fried (sjfried@vt.edu)