At the Conference

GBT is committed to making “TechnoLogics: Power and Resistance” as accessible a space as we possibly can. To that end, we are working to build infrastructure into the conference to support accessibility, adapting existing guidelines shared by organizations including the Society for Disability Studies and the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) to develop our own recommendations and resources.

We also have a dedicated gmail account for all of your accessibility-related concerns and questions: You are welcome and encouraged to email us here about any and all of your concerns, thoughts, questions, and/or ideas about how we might be able to make the conference work better for you.

Access Central

We will be using the Jefferson Boardroom as a central location where our Access Coordinator, Martina Svyantek, will be available to answer questions. Please stop by to pick up one or more interaction badges and learn more about how we have been working to enhance accessibility at the conference.

Non-Scented Products

Fragrance and chemicals can be access barriers. We are working with the hotel staff to ensure that unscented products are available in the bathrooms and used as cleaning agents in conference spaces.

We would additionally like to request that as a conference goer, you refrain from using scented products (such as shampoos and lotions) as well. Please refrain using scented products while washing clothing as well, and  please completely air out any dry-cleaned clothing before wearing it to the Conference.

Smoke can also be an access barrier. It is essential that we maintain a smoke-free environment. If you smoke, please use outdoor spaces surrounding the hotel and refrain from smoking near any other doorways or paths of travel.

Interaction Badges

Interaction badges are a way to indicate to others what level of conversation you are open to at any given point of the conference. Your comfort level may change at any time! We will have four different badges used during our conference, using a combination of colors and symbols to indicate an individual’s comfort level. They will be available to pick up in the Jefferson Boardroom.

  • Red with a white anchor pattern – Please do not approach me.

  • Yellow with white paw prints – I will approach you if I want to have a conversation, but otherwise please leave me alone.

  • Green, solid – I welcome having a discussion with you! Please feel free to approach me!

  • Googly Eyes on a name tag – Please do not take photos of me.


Accessible and gender-inclusive restrooms will be available. The gender-inclusive bathrooms will be on the conference level of the hotel and marked with a tactile graphics and Braille.

Quiet Room

The room Bent Mountain will be available throughout GBT as a quiet room, a sensory retreat. This room is reserved for individuals that need a break from overstimulation, NOT as a meeting space for discussions. Yoga mats will be available.