Hey! The ‪#‎GBT2016‬ conference happened and it was spectacular! There are numerous people to recognize and thank, especially the brilliant scholars, artists, and activists who shared their work and time with us. I need to give a special shout out to Ann Kilkelly, who tap-danced in the Salt Marsh Suite with pneumonia (!), as well as Katrina Powell, Rayanne Streeter, Amy Splitt, Claire Kelling, Ali Colleen Neff, Donna Riley, Colleen Bartos, and Kortni Lindsay for all their help with organizing in the months and weeks leading up to April 21-23. Ali Colleen Neff, Carol Burch-Brown, Ann Kilkelly, Eesha Pandit, and Michelle Murphy also deserve our thanks for anchoring each conference day with dj'ing, performing, and keynoting. I am exhausted and can't imagine that ‪#‎GBT2018‬ could top this, but we will try our very best because you all deserve it. The GBT initiative at Virginia Tech is affirmed beyond our wildest dreams.