Power and Resistance

Updated Schedule

Thursday April 25, 2019 Taubman Museum of Art

7:00 - 10:00 PM Reception

Empath Mourning the Colonial Loop

Tacie Jones, with performance by Rachel Rugh


“Electric Speak”

Jennifer Webbart


“Look at Me When I'm Talking to You”

1. A Prologue (for Diana, Hunter of Bus Drivers)

2. An Epilogue (for Ana Maria Archila and Maria Gallagher)


Choreography by Rachel Rugh, with movement invention by the dancers.

Original musical score composed and performed by Dr. Annie Stevens and Jennifer Webbart


“Sisrahtac 1”: An Excerpt of Three Hysterical Women

Nicole Dietze


Talk back



(w/ DJ Amy Splitt)

Friday April 26, 2019 Hotel Roanoke

7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. REGISTRATION

8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.       Concurrent Sessions                      


Panel Playing with Our Selves: Examining Life Through Virtual Media, Part I Monroe

  • Virtual Bodies, Inc.: Corporate Mediations in VR, Jen Jenson ( and Daniel Harley (

  • Man Cave at Mom’s: A microcosm of adolescence and masculinity, Megan Fletcher (

  • Building The Fortress of Solitude: Constructing the toxic nerd heteromasculinity through interior design, Brandon Rogers (

  • Privacy and security in media-based worlds: Ethical and social challenges for conducting behavioural research online, John Murray (

Moderator: Damien Williams (

Surviving, Resisting, and Combating Gender-based Violence Wilson

  • ICT-Facilitated Violence Against Women in Elections: Unveiling Global Patterns and Trends, Gabrielle Bardall (

  • #metoo and Survivor Narratives: Interrogating Technologies of Power and Resistance, Kathleen T. Lowenstein (

  • Regulated Bodies: the Rhetoric of Gender in the US Military, Kate Natishan (

  • Violent desires: a feminist discourse analysis of the online world of ‘incels, Siqi Cheng (

  • Skill Requirements, Returns to Skills, and the Gender Wage Gap,  Suqin Ge (

Moderator: Ke Hu (

Re-Inventing HIV/AIDS Technologies: Networks, Institutions, Resistance, and Survival Mill Mountain

  • #AIDSMemorial: Memory Resistance and the Disruptive Animacy of AIDS Archiving on Instagram, Marika Cifor (

  • #Survival: The HIV Story Project and Digital Queer Politics of Disclosing and Coping, Jan Huebenthal (

  • Dating Data: ‘Gay Hookup Apps’ and the Consumer-Criminal Grid of HIV/AIDS, Jih-Fei Cheng (

  • Leading a statewide movement using Social Media, Deirdre Johnson (

  • The Nexus of Public and Global Health - Use of Social Network Strategies in PrEP and HIV Prevention, Treatment and Care Outreach, Cedric Pulliam (

Moderator: Sadie Giles (

Bullet Casings, Drugs, and Oil: Neoliberalism and Democracy in an Age of Biopolitics Madison

  • E-Democracy and Feminist Digital Activism in Post-Socialist Eastern Europe, Helis Sikk (

  • Bulletproof Neoliberals: Rethinking Accelerationism and the Biohacker Within the Logic of Intensity, Caroline Alphin (

  • Pharmaceutically, digitally, and medically mediated queer bodies, Andy Eicher (

  • Domesticated by Energy: Fuel Transitions and Political Domination, Cara Daggett (

Moderator: Madison Tepper (


Lean Back: LIVE Harrison-Tyler

  • Lisa M. Corrigan (

  • Laura Weiderhaft (

Moderator: Christine Labuski (


The Epistemological Afterlives of Eugenics and Feminist/Queer/Crip Knowledge Futures Buck Mountain

  • Taking a ‘New View’: The Role of Disability and Ability Studies in Future Critiques of Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery,  Jessica Neasbitt (

  • Eugenics, Reproductive Justice, and the Contemporary Politics of U.S. Slavery,  Amanda Reyes (

  • Eugenic Facts/Speculative Fictions: Foreclosing on Feminist/Queer/Crip Futures in California Public Law, Jess Whatcott (

Moderator: Joshua Earle (

10:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.                        Concurrent Sessions                          


Bombshell Cyborgs and Entangled Bodies Monroe

  • Sentient Saviors: Bots n’ Bombs for Women’s Rights, Yazan Zahzah (

  • Heavenly Bodies: Why Cyborgs Were Always About Disability and Mental Health, Damien Patrick Williams (

  • Haraway x Wearables: Cyborgs vs. Electronic Marionettes, Rua Williams ( )

  • The Problem of the Sexy Cyborg: Transhumanism, Gender, and Morphological Freedom, Joshua Earle (

Moderator: Martina Svyantek (

Queer Citizenship(s) and Anti-Racism Wilson

  • Queer Orientalisms in Digital Media along the Rim of the Indian Ocean, Rahul K Gairola (

  • Precarious Citizenship: Kendrick Lamar and the Instability of Black Male Belonging, Laine McGinty (

  • Stripping for the State and Other Queer Acts: Technologies, Surveillance, and Questions of Objectivity, Layla Zbinden (

  • Reinventing the National ‘Savior’ and the Vintage ‘Whore’ through Cyber Space: Tale of Two Competing Political Bodies and the Security of Thai Nation-State, Sukrittaya Jukping ( /

Moderator: Andrea Baldwin (

Irreducible Perspectives on Trans Embodiments and Politics Mill Mountain

  • Race and the Limits of Childhood Transgender Medicine, Joshua Franklin (

  • The Trans/Alien Manifesto: Future Love(s), Sexual Technologies, and My Efforts to Re-Member Your Embrace, Krizia Puig (

  • Reproductive TRANSactions for the Future: Performing normativity at the egg donor clinic, Sav Schlauderaff ( )

  • Transgender journeys of Dao Mau religious mediums and their popularity in the Internet, Binh Thi Thuy Tran (  )

Moderator: Megan Nanney (

Pulling Out or Staying Put?: The Gendered Politics of TechnoLogically-Mediated (S)Exit Madison

  • Devils’ Playthings: Gendered Containment, Control, and Home Console Play in a Technological Retail Space, Brandon Rogers (

  • What is Old is New: Mobile Ovulation Tracking Apps and the “Pull Out Method,” Melissa Stone (

  • Connected Isolation: The “Circle of 6” Mobile Application and Intimate Partner Violence, Megan Fletcher (

  • Moving in the Face of the Apocalypse: Mobility and Doomsday Preppers, Tyler DeAtley (

Moderator: Whitney Hayes (


Harrison Tyler

  • “did you know,” Lynn Kim (

  • Instituent R.C. 2903.1, Michael Kopp (

Moderator: Ariel Ludwig (


Surveillance Survey: Opening the Open Record Buck Mountain

  • Courtney F. Chenette  (

Moderator: Rachel Rugh (

11:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. Performance (lower floor lobby)

Feminist Apocalypse Solutions

  • Lindsay Garcia (

  • Hellis Sikk (

12:00 – 1:00 – LUNCH Crystal Ballroom

1:15 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.                        Concurrent Sessions                          


Feminisms of Perception: Virtual, Subaltern, Queer, and Psychedelic   Monroe

  • Virtual Resistance: Issues of Representation in Contemporary VR, Mihaela Mihailova (

  • The Agency of the Dildo in an Anti-Gun Protest, Lotta Kähkönen (

  • Acid Feminism: Psychedelic Dimensions of Gender Performativity, Emma Stamm (

  • Navigating Hmong Feminism, Douachee Vang ( )

Moderator: Neal King (

You Are What You Eat: Food Technologies and the Biopolitics of Consumption Wilson

  • Agriculture, Technology, Resources in Antiquity, and Modern Gender Inequality, Chandan Kumar Jha (

  • Remaking the Genealogy of In Vitro Meat: Searching for Gender, Race and Imperialism in ‘As-yet Undefined Ontological Object,’ Ke Hu (

  • Three Square Meals a Day: Biopolitics and the (Re)Production of (Dis)Order, Linea Cutter (

  • Where’s the beef? Masculinity, gender and violence in food advertising, Anne Patrick (

Moderator: Jack Leff (

Tales We Tell About Ourselves: Disability, Aesthetics, Resistance, and the Role of Narrative Mill Mountain

  • Disability, Experience, and Technological Imagination: First Stage Findings from Narrative Research, Ashley Shew (, Hanna Herdegen (, Stephanie Arnold (, and Adri Ridings (

  • Risky Bodies: Vaccination and the Biopolitics of Vaccination Status, Tarryn Abrahams ( )

  • Resisting Normalcy and Rendering Monsters: a Multimodal Reflection on Anthropocene Expression After Death and Decency, Lissa Holloway-Attaway (

  • Conscious Embodiment: Aesthetic Cultivation as Resistance to Global Capitalism, Madison Tepper ( )

Moderator: Sharon Johnson (

WORKSHOP | Personals: Participatory speculative design for technologies of intimacy Harrison-Tyler

  • Lark VCR aka Virtually Conflicted Reality (

Moderator: Kuan-Hung Lo (

(Re)creating the posture portraits: Artistic and technological (re)productions of the gendered (re)presentations of bodies at institutions of higher education: Past, present and future Buck Mountain

  • Andrea Baldwin (

  • James Lee (

  • Heidi Henderson (

  • Rishma Mendhekar (

Moderator: Cara Daggett (


Three Hysterical Women: Embodying Resistance Through Theatre Washington Lecture Hall

  • Sisrahtac 1, Nicole Dietze ( )

  • Being B.A.D., Brittney S. Harris (

  • Brainwashed: Hair, A Ritual, Devair Jeffries (

Moderator: Bonnie Zare (

3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.              Concurrent Sessions                          


Fight With Tools: STEM Education, Hardware, and Feminist Lifestyles Monroe

  • Exploring Politics Embedded in Hardware and Workshops: Lessons from the Hands-on and Embodied Pedagogies of Feminist Hactivist Groups, Ellen K Foster ( )

  • Power Tools: Empowerment, Innovation, and the Corporate Use of Feminist Values, Matthew Wisnioski ( )

  • Ray Kurzweil narrating the path to transcendence: (Re)Constructing masculinity in Transcend: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever, Julian Menninger ( and Fredrik Eklund (

  • Women in STEM: The Role of Role Models, Siddharth Hari (

Moderator: Emma Stamm (

Hashtag Activism? Networked Resistance in the Age of Twitter Wilson

  • #Craftivism and the Potentials for Feminist Craft as Activism, Talitha Rose (

  • #effyourbeautystandards: Resistance and Co-optation in the Body Positive Movement , Rayanne Streeter (

  • #botALLY: Chatbots as a vanguard of resistance, Daniel Estrada (

  • Twitter as Digital Counterstory-Telling, Johnathan Flowers (

Moderator: Toni Calasanti (

These Are Not the Talks You’re Looking For: Science Fiction and Digital Representation Mill Mountain

  • A Textual Analysis of Missing Gendered Emojis, S.E. Hackney ( and S.L. Nelson (

  • The Three Laws of Colonization: Robotic Bodies in Science Fiction, Philip Ray (

  • Resistance is Futile: Female Mentorship in Star Trek: Voyager, Leigh McKagen (

  • Imagining Feminist Futures on the Small Screen? Inclusion and Care in VR Worlds, Marisa Brandt (

Moderator: Sara Wenger (


"I can't be there, but I want to be” Madison

  • Martina Svyantek (

Moderator: Ashley Shew (

Visual Autoethnographies


  • “I'm transmasculine, why do I feel like a woman in disguise?”: A multimedia autoethnography on the role of trans identity in ethnographic field work, Adam S. Masters ( (WITHDRAWN)

  • From Sonogram to Selfie: Image, Identity, and the Persistent Social Lens, Leandra Preston (

Moderator: Iris Farrou (


DIRECT ACTION TRAINING with Appalachians Against Pipelines (3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.) Buck Mountain

  • Members, Appalachians Against Pipelines (

5:00 – 6:30 Washington Lecture Hall



Captivating Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code

Saturday April 27, 2019

7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. REGISTRATIOn

8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.                        Concurrent Sessions                          


Moving the World: The Politics of Mobility and Space Monroe

  • Feminist Architecture: critiquing the historico-scientific practices of cartography and geography, Shelby E. Ward ( (WITHDRAWN)

  • The Aesthetics/ Anesthetics of the Virtual Prison and the Making of Virtual Prisoners: A Poetic Engagement with a Virtual Reality Marketplace, Ariel Ludwig (

  • Technoableism and Transmobility, Ashley Shew (

  • Atmospheric Thinking: The Political Technologies of Breath, Breathing, and Atmosphere, Jack R Leff (

Moderator: Cora Olson (

Better living through chemistry? Biomedical and pharmacological logics of control Wilson

  • Against Medical Lock-Down of the Post-colonial Japan’s Borders: Community-Based Health Disparity Studies as Zainichi Korean Decolonizing Methodology, Tomomi Kinukawa (

  • Toward a Phenomenology of Pharmakotherapy, Caitlin Leach (

  • Biomedical Logics of Life and Death and Their Gendered Implications, Lindsey Breitwieser (

  • Resisting normative metamorphosis: “living with” and “thinking with” human-microbial care relations, Rebecca Howes-Mischel ( and Megan Tracy (

Moderator: Jessica Herling (

Figuring Black Motherhood and Colonial Technologies of Reproduction Mill Mountain

  • Refusal and the Future: Toni Morrison’s Beloved as a Foundational Black Feminist Science Studies Text, Sandra Harvey (

  • (Un)Making Generations: the Technologics of Gender in Gayl Jones’ Corregidora and the 1871 Free Womb Law, Tala Khanmalek ( )

  • Hierarchical Medicalization, Reproductive Rights, Sterilization, and the Production of a Fugitive Rights-Bearer, Ugo Felicia Edu (

Moderator: Ruha Benjamin (


Healing as Resistance Madison

  • Claire Constantikes (

Moderator: Amy Splitt (

A T-Shirt Looks at Gender and the Global Garment Industry Harrison-Tyler

  • Laura M Carpenter (

Moderator: Lyla Byers (

10:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.        Concurrent Sessions    


Tweetstorm: Social Media and Activism Monroe

  • Redefining What it Means to be #YourAverageMuslim Woman: Muslim Female Digital Activists on Social Media, Inaash Islam (

  • My Home is Not Your Home: Digital Community Building and Branding in Gender Segregated Higher Education, Megan Nanney (

  • Technologies of Flirting; Violence, Control and Struggle, Iris Farrou ( )

  • A post-classical narratological approach to hashtag feminism: The Shared Stories of #Metoo in Sweden, Fredrik Eklund (

Moderator: Rayanne Streeter (

Sexual Education: Feminist Pedagogy and LGBTQ on the Curriculum Wilson

  • Centering reproductive justice praxis in the University classroom through the feminist science shop, Sara Giordano ( and Maya Cruz ( )

  • Hidden Curriculum in Medical Education on LGBTQ Health, Jessica Herling (

  • Excessive Practices, Excessive Bodies: Teaching the Anus and Anal Pleasure in Sexuality Education, Leah Marion Roberts (

  • Representing Gender in Cyber Civics Curricula, Heather Greenhalgh-Spencer (

Moderator: Jennifer Bondy (

Soft-wear: Technological intimacy, surveillance, and biomedicine   Mill Mountain

  • Intimacy Through/With Technology: An Evaluation of Care for Despondency, Shaun Respess (

  • Profane Vision: Facial Imaging Software, Visibility Politics, and Queer Identity, Rose Hartfield Wilson (

  • Factors in the Overprescription of Antidepressants in Women, Roan Parrish (

  • Through the Looking Glass: The Pregnant Body Under the Microscope of Epigenetics, Teresa Hoard-Jackson ( )

Moderator: Linea Cutter (

Transnational Cartographies of the Techno/Body: Digital, Affective, and Reproductive Resistance Madison

  • Assistive Technologies “In Kind”: Affect, Biocertification, and Disability, Anastasia Todd (

  • #transban and #WontBeErased: How Conservative Politicians Use Affect to Wield Transgender Rights as a Political Tool, Mel Lesch ( )

  • “You might never have that kind of child yourself”: Eugenics, Governmentality, and Ambivalent Resistance in Contemporary China, Ruwen Chang (

                    Moderator: Balbir Singh (



  • Empath Mourning the Colonial Loop, Tacie Jones (

  • The Myth of Self Care for Students of Color at Predominantly White Institutions, Andrea N. Baldwin (

Moderator: Nicole Dietze (

Installation /Talk Back

Busted Perceptions: A Visual and Verbal Dialogue about the Power Dynamics Behind the Identities We Embody. Appalachian

  • Laura Lane  (

Moderator: Claire Constantikes (

11:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. Performance

Feminist Apocalypse Solutions lower floor lobby

  • Lindsay Garcia (

  • Hellis Sikk (

12:00 – 1:00 – LUNCH Crystal Ballroom

1:30 – 3:00 Washington Lecture Hall



Solidarity Not Charity: Mutual Aid for Mobilization and Queer and Trans Survival  

3:15 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.                        Concurrent Sessions


May the odds be ever in your favor: feminist pop/sub cultures and representation Monroe

  • Fake News and Reality TV: How Media and Surveillance Technologies in The Hunger Games, The Handmaid’s Tale, and 1984 Stopped Being Fiction in 2016, KJ Surkan (

  • Fighting neurotypical fragility and building a critically resistant Imaginary: Autistic People are Us, Bonnie Zare ( )

  • Embodiment in Fandom: Media Fan Art as Performative Critique of Eric Kripke’s Supernatural, Hannah Mayfield (

  • "Now I could be the former fatty who turned into a brain. Or an athlete. Or a princess.": Weight loss and gender in Netflix's Insatiable, Lyla Byers (

Moderator: Anne Patrick (

Rising to the Challenge: Power, Sexuality, Risk, and Race in the World of Sports Wilson

  • Rock that Body: Economies of Risk in Rock Climbing, Sadie Giles (

  • Power & Resistance: Testosterone, Gender & Athletes’ Bodies, Cora M. Olson (

  • Anxieties about Race, Sexuality, and Motherhood in Serena Williams’ “SuperMomSuit,” Lorin Shellenberger (

Moderator: Inaash Islam (

Into the Valley of the Dolls: The Changing Politics of Sex Work in a Time of Robotics Mill Mountain

  • Domestic (artificial) intelligence: Female (dis)embodiment and the reproduction of gendered household labor, Jamie Steele (

  • Rethinking the Uncanny Valley: Feelings of Eeriness, Diversity/Mutation, and Performativity, Kuan-Hung Lo (

  • Posthuman Anxiety in the Sex Industry: The Strange Case of Aura Dolls, Sara Wenger (

  • Beauvoir in the Boudoir: A Feminist Approach to the Risks of Bedding Sex Robots, Whitney Hayes (

Moderator: Caroline Alphin (

Putting the Chicken Before the Egg: Sperm, Eggs, and the Politics of Reproductive Technologies Madison

  • Anonymous Sperm: The Role of Technology, Secrecy, and the State in Shaping Donor-Conceived Families, Shannon N. Conley (

  • The Egg Freezing Revolution? Gender, Education, and Reproductive Waithood in America, Marcia C. Inhorn (

  • Anatomy of an Egg Freezing Infomercial: Where “Our Fertility, Ourselves” Meets “Fertility (A)ware” Party, Rajani Bhatia ( )

Moderator: Laura Lane (

Playing with Our Selves: Examining Life Through Virtual Media, Part II Buck Mountain

  • Could Sex in VR be Exploitative? What is the potential for queering virtual bodies? Examining the future of sex in an increasingly virtual world, Bryce Westlake ( and Lark VCR aka Virtually Conflicted Reality, (

  • Gender, Games and Space: A videogame training study, Suzanne de Castell (, and John Murray (

  • Extended Selves: Implications of VR and AR on how we understand ourselves and each other, Damien Williams (

  • Virtual Reality in Washington State Public Libraries: Perceptions and experiences of learning, social engagement & the value of VR, Negin Dahya ( and WE King (

Moderator: Tacie Jones (

Ongoing installations

Busted Perceptions: A Visual and Verbal Dialogue about the Power Dynamics Behind the Identities We Embody Appalachian

  • Laura Lane  ( | Personals: Intimate futures think/fish/shark Tank Appalachian

  • Lark VCR aka Virtually Conflicted Reality, (

A T-Shirt Looks at Gender and the Global Garment Industry Appalachian

  • Laura Carpenter (

Ongoing films

“did you know,” Appalachian

  • Lynn Kim (

Instituent R.C. 2903.1 Appalachian

  • Michael Kopp (

Empath Mourning the Colonial Loop Appalachian

  • Tacie Jones (

The Myth of Self Care for Students of Color at Predominantly White Institutions Appalachian

  • Andrea N. Baldwin (